Friday, 23 July 2010

Martin Bulinya art

Martin K. Bulinya was born on 21 July 1961 in a village called Moiben near Eldoret, Kenya.

Bulinya has worked as freelance illustrator for the Kenya Times and True Love magazine, as well as working for the Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) as stage and scene designer.

Bulinya is a very prolific artist who's work tends to be simple, yet with a mass 'African' appeal. The paintings shown here are caricatures of the Maasai people in a variety of stances and formations. Almost all of the works are either painted or mounted on hardboard, and exemplify true fun and interesting African art! Many of the paintings have very complex detailing into the material worn. His characters take dramatic poses, giving each one an effective emotion - you can almost hear some of the characters talking to each other!



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